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Normal Flurb


It is time to escape! Help the Flurbs find enough energy cores to power their ship and fly back home.

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Flurbs is a 3D mini golf game. The balls are aliens and the traps are out of this world! The Flurbs are trapped on a space station and must collect enough power cores to power their ship back home.

There are three flurbs, each with a unique ability. The player must use these abilities to bypass puzzles and other obstacles.

Each new roll the player can select which Flurb they would like to use. The player presses down on the Flurb and pulls back to aim their roll. The further back the player pulls the faster the Flurb will roll when released.

Each level has an exit that acts like the hole in golf. Reaching the exit completes the level, however each level also has 3 Goals. Try to complete all of the Goals! Go on, I dare ya.


Description: Jumper is fast and light. He will roll a long time if you give him enough speed launch far off ramps. He is also the most bouncy Flurb so try using him to ricochet off walla dna around corner to get the most distance fom his rolls.

Ability: Jumper can... Jump! Tap the screen while jumper is rolling and he will bounce into the air. You can only jump once per roll, so speed and timing is important!


Description: Boom is a little crazy! He likes fire, flame and... fire. In that order. If he stops moving for just a second he's liable to explode!

Ability: Boom explodes at the end of his role, knocking down any weak walls around him. This can be helpful to unlock hidden passageways and find more power cores. Make sure to save your Boom Flurbs for these walls!


Description: Rocky wears a crater for protection. This makes him heavy and slow. I'm not sure if he is quiet because he is shy or because he has no mouth but he's cute either way.

Ability: The weight of Rocky's crater allows him to press the big buttons scattered across the Space Station. It also lets him roll through the big vents that blow air into the rooms.

Rubble: Rubble is shrewn around a lot of the construction areas of the Space Staton. And we all know rubble makes great ramps! Gather speed and roll into these piles of Rubble to launch into the air and over the gaps!

Barricades: Short walls, caution tape, fallen pipes, railings: These are all things blocking your path. Luckily you've got some Jumper to hop on over these obstacles. Speed isn't always important when jumping over a barricade, but timing is! Take a deep breath, measure the distance and take it easy. You can do this!

Blue Walls: Blue walls can be blown up by Boom. Roll him in close and watch the fireworks happen!

Cannons: These cannons are set up for defense of the Space Staion but that doesn't mean the Flurbs can't use them to get around! Roll into the back of a cannon to activate it. Once in the cannon the camera switches into the cannon view and you can move the view around by swiping the screen. Once you've aimed the cannon Tap the screen to blast the Flurb of the the barrel! Remember that different Flurbs have different weight and will go different distances.

Buttons: Buttons turn on machinery and open locked cannon doors. To activate a button you need something heavy. You know who's heavy? Rocky is! Roll him into a button to activate the machine connected to the button.

Teleports: Want to get somewhere fast? A Teleport can do that for you! Teleports have an entry and exit port. Go in through the entry port and you'll immediately come flying out of the exit port. The speed and angle of the Flurb is used upon exiting the portal so try not to come out the wrong side!

Tubes: Tubes are used to chute cargo between buildings of the Space Station! The Flurbs are big but so is cargo, making them easy to use ad rolling railroads. You never quite know where a tube will take you so choose wisely or you might miss a power core!