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While learning game development my projects will be focused towards the mobile market. However, as my capabilities grow, so will my games! Stop by often for project updates and new game announcements!

Available Now:

Ring Bounce

Ricochet Rings is a casual arcade game. Rings bounce around the screen and you get points for holdinthem down until they pop. However, if another ring hits the one you're holding... You Lose!

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In Development:

Flurbs, at its base, is a mini golf game. The game's main differentiator is that the golf balls are actually aliens, each with their own unique attributes! With a free form camera control system and plenty of objectives I hope you have as much fun playing it as I do.

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Tower Drop

In Tower Drop you control a disc with different colored holes in it. Colored objects fall and you must rotate the disc to catch each object in the hole that corresponds with its color.

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Space Pirates

Space Pirates is a multiplayer Battleship hybrid strategy game. Players take turns blasting each other into pieces in hopes of some sweet, sweet space junk.

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